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Br. Sebastian’s Tau Cross Key Ring

Price  $11.95

Hand-crafted leather, Stainless Steel Key Ring

Br. Sebastian made his solemn profession in 1965 at St. Francis of Assisi Church in New York City.  In 1970 he was stationed there and expressed his desire to become a sandal maker.  He took shoe-making classes and eventually became a full-time sandal maker for Holy Name Province.  He has been making sandals and other leather-crafted items ever since.  

The leather is stamped with the image of a Tau cross on the front and “Handmade by Sebastian” on the back.  The Tau is an ancient representation of the cross.  It is also the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is thought to be the sign with which Ezekiel marked those chosen by God (Ex 9:4). St. Francis loved the meaning of the Tau so much he signed his letters with this symbol.  When a Franciscan friar wears a habit and stands with his hands outstretched, he becomes a Tau, a living Tau.

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