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Can you imagine what it would be like to actually sit at a table and have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea with the Blessed Mother? What feelings would you share with her? How would she respond to you and your shared feelings? What questions would you ask her?

In our book, “Coffee With Mary”, you will almost feel and see the Blessed Mother sitting across the table from you sharing her story and helping you cope with the daily problems of life that each of us face.

Coffee With Mary” is available for a suggested donation of $5.00 which includes shipping and handling. It is a beautiful daily meditation with Mary that can provide comfort in difficult times and happiness and gratitude for those days filled with joy. “Coffee With Mary” also makes a wonderful gift for any friend who experiences life’s difficulties and life’s joys.

Caring For The Poor and Marginalized

St. Francis traced the beginning of his conversion to when God led him to live among lepers to serve them. Ever since that time, direct service to the materially poor and marginalized people of society has been a prized Franciscan ministry.
Through our 35 ministry outreach programs on the East Coast, the Franciscan Friars transform the lives of so many poor children, women and men, who come to us for the basic necessities of daily life. As Friars, we empower more than 2 million people each year to live with dignity and purpose. We provide food, shelter, education, and support to lift people out of poverty and into the mainstream. 

Learn more about our work with the poor at www.FriarWorks.org

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Your money can still have an impact on the good works you want to see happen even after your life on this earth is finished.

Bequests granted to St. Anthony's Guild continue to fund our direct service work to the poor. 

Perhaps you have seen our work in your city and you want to assure that outreach continues. You can direct your gift to a particular ministry. We can offer more than direct service with your money – we offer opportunities to end the cycle of poverty!

Your contribution can also assist us in our care for our elderly friars, who have devoted a lifetime of service to you and now need your help, as well as support for the education of our young friars, so that the work of St. Francis can continue for future generations.

Want to learn more? Call Fr. David Convertino, OFM at 212-564-8834 or email Frdavid@thefranciscans.org.