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Colorful Tau Cross Knotted Bracelet

Price  $6

These colorful corded Tau Cross Bracelets make wonderful gifts for you or your family and friends.

A choice of nine different colors which include red, pink, orange, lime, dark green, turquoise, dark blue, purple, and black. Have fun mixing and matching them or layer with other bracelets.

The Tau is an ancient representation of the cross.  It is also the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is thought to be the sign with which Ezekiel marked those chosen by God (Ex 9:4).  St. Francis loved the meaning of the Tau so much he signed his letters with this symbol.  When a Franciscan friar wears a habit and stands with his hands outstretched, he becomes a Tau, a living Tau.  The Tau is recognized as a distinctive Franciscan symbol. 

All items are designed and handcrafted in Assisi Tau Cross reads “Assisi”.

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