Welcome To The Franciscan Store

We are delighted to welcome you to shop the GRAND OPENING of The Franciscan Store

 With the Christmas holiday season less than 8 weeks away, you can shop online or by phone to obtain all things uniquely Franciscan!  Some of the many wonderful Franciscan items we have available for purchase in our store include:

  • Magnificent set of St. Francis nature cards
  • A new and larger collection of greeting cards for all occasions
  • Hand-picked collection of beautiful religious articles from Italy 

Keep watching our store over the next few weeks as we continue to unveil more and more new Franciscan products which make beautiful gifts for friends, loved ones, and for you when you treat yourself!  All of our exquisite and charming gifts are created by Friars or with the Friars.

 100% of your purchases and/or donations go directly to our ministries, all of which provide services to the poor.  Our Friars provide food, shelter and services for those in need.  We help to move people out of poverty by providing opportunities for education, counseling, drug rehabilitation services, job coaching and more.  We serve over 2 million people over the course of the year. 

By shopping with us in The Franciscan Store you help us to continue our mission to serve those that are in need of help.  Just imagine, shopping and helping those less fortunate at the same time—what could be better than that!

So please, shop with the Franciscans at The Franciscan Store and help us spread the word about our wonderful Franciscan shopping destination. Many Blessings for shopping with us!