Valentine Card
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Suggested Donation: $5

With our Valentine, you are giving needed help to the poor AND honoring your special Valentines with a beautiful sign of your love for them and your compassion for others. It’s very easy! The monetary gift you donate will go to help the poor through the many services of the Franciscan Friars who feed, shelter, and clothe the over 2 million children, women and men we serve each year.

You will also receive our beautiful Valentine’s Day card for you to send to those you love and care for. As you can see, the card will give an explanation of the great gift of care and compassion you have given in honor of your special person, and they will know that you not only care for them, but for the poor who need our help.

Inside Left: 

"This Valentine's Day, a gift has been made in your honor to FriarWorks to feed, clothe, shelter and support the poor each day. Given by: _____________

"The Franciscan Friars empower people to live with dignity and purpose. The Friars provide food, shelter, education and healing to lift people out of poverty and into the mainstream of daily life."

Inside Right:

"Warm wishes from my heart to yours this Valentine’s Day!"

 Product Details:

  • 1 card and 1 envelope
  • Folded card size: 5" x 7" 
  • Ships within 3-5 days