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"Tau Cross" MaskPac

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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer?

The MaskPac is a sleek, pocket sized protector for your mask! Made in the USA and available in a variety of colors and styles, the Maskpac is the mask defender that is easy to store and easy to clean. Fits disposable and most pleated style masks!

SIZE: Flat: 8.5”w x 5”h Folded: 4”w x 2.5”h x .75”d
MATERIAL: High density co-polymer
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Clean with soap and water/disinfectant wipe
*mask not included, sold separate! 

St. Francis used the Tau as his signature on his letters as a symbol, a seal, and a coat of arms. It is said that the Franciscan Habit is nothing less than the Cross of Christ to which the friar is tied by the cord with three knots symbolizing: POVERTY, CHASTITY, OBEDIENCE. When wearing his habit, when a friar stands with his arms outstretched, he becomes a Tau, a living Tau. Today Franciscans wear the Tau Cross as a sign of their commitment to Christ and the power of his love to transform us into the very best person we can possibly become.


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