Bread for the Poor Deceased Memorial Enrollment
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Enrollment Spiritual Benefits: For nearly 800 years, the Franciscan Friars have developed a spiritual bond with their friends and benefactors. Those deceased relatives and friends, in whose memory a donation has been given to The Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, share in that same relationship through the following Spiritual Benefits: A remembrance in the daily Masses and prayers of the Franciscan Friars and a remembrance in a special Mass celebrated on the following days: Easter Sunday, Feast of St. Anthony ( June 13th), Feast of the Assumption and the, Birthday of St. Anthony (August 15th), All Souls Day (November 2nd), Christmas Day

Product Details:

  • 1 card and 1 envelope
  • Folded card size: 5" x 7" 

Inside Left:

"St. Anthony’s Bread as it is practiced today came about in the year 1888. At that time there lived in Toulon, France, a devout young woman named Louise Bouffier, who managed a small bakery store. One morning Louise couldn’t open the door with her key. Neither could a locksmith, who told her he would have to break the door open. While he went to get his tools, Louise promised St. Anthony she would give some bakery breads to the poor if the door could be opened without force. When the locksmith returned, she begged him to try just once more. And sure enough the door sprung open. Louise kept her promise, the hungry were happy and thus began the charitable practice of giving bread to the poor for favors received through the intercession of St. Anthony."

Inside Right:

"Bread for the Poor has been given in memory of [Deceased Name] at the request of [Sender Name]. Bread for the Poor: A reminder to those who have... to give to those who have not. The Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province"